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Tournament Prices

All Swoosh tournament prices are below unless specified otherwise.

$325.00 (verbal to 1 tournament annually)

$300.00 (verbal to 2 tournaments annually)

$295.00 (verbal to 3 tournaments annually)

$290.00 (verbal to 4 tournaments annually)

$285.00 (verbal to 5 tournaments annually)

$275.00 (verbal to 10 tournaments annually)

$250.00 (verbal to 20 tournaments annually)


*Three day tournaments, National Championships and NCAA tournaments have different pricing.


**Due to cost increases Tournaments at UC Santa Barbara are $325 per team or $300 for multiple teams.


***The Swoosh Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Classics are $325.00 per team or $300.00 for Multiple teams since they are 3-5 games guaranteed. (Most teams will play 4 games)


***All players enter Swoosh Tournaments at their own risk. Basketball is a sport where injuries may occur.


Please enter tournament name, location and date of tournament that you would like to pay for and click the "Buy Now" button below to pay your tournament fees.  Thank you.

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