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August 9-10, 2014...The Swoosh Summer Madness at Cypress College

August 9-10, 2014...The Swoosh Summer Madness at Cypress College


                               ***All Coaches must recheck game times at  noon on Friday***



Hampton Inn & Suites, Anaheim/Garden Grove
11747 Harbor Blvd.
Garden Grove, CA 92840
Call today to receive your Discount Group Rate!!!
$129.00 August
Make sure and mention “Swoosh Basketball”!!!
(rates are based upon availability)
Rates include the following:
Full Breakfast buffet served daily between 6am-10am
High Speed Internet Access throughout entire hotel
Free Parking!!!
Breakfast “To Go” bags (with advanced notice for group)
Additional reasons to stay with us at the Hampton Inn & Suites:
Each guest room equipped with mini refrigerators and micro wave ovens. 
Friendliest Staff in Town…as noted by Trip Advisor… Winner  of 2011,2012 & 2013 Certificate of Excellence!!
5 miles away from the Next Level Sports complex and MAP Sports Complex.
Surrounded by plenty of restaurant options ranging from fast food options to mid tier and upper scale… we even have a Buca di Beppo (Family Style Italian) on our very same parking lot!
Target located 1 block south for last minute essentials or fun shopping finds
Please contact the Sales Department:
Lori Herrera, Director of Sales      or          Bridget Meade, Sales Manager
Direct phone: 714-620-2409                         714-620-2419
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LOCATION: All Games are at

Cypress College

9200 Valley View St.

Cypress, CA  90630


All coaches must recheck game times at noon on Friday!!



3rd Grade Boys
South Bay Scholars (San Jose)
Future Ballers
3:00pm...Future Ballers vs. CBS (3)(41-12)

4:00pm...SB Scholars vs Future Ballers (3)(14-31)

7:00pm...SB Scholars vs Trinity (3)(14-29)

8:00am...Trinity vs. CBS (4)(35-4)

10:00am...CBS vs SB Scholars (3)(4-19)

5th Grade Boys
Pool A
South Bay Scholars
Wethers Elite


Pool B
West Coach Dream
Campus BB*


Eastvale Bulls**

RC Bulls 10u**

1:00pm...Wethers Elite vs. CBS (3)(42-23)
3:00pm...CBS* vs. SB Scholars (4)(14-25)
4:00pm...Campus BB* vs WC Dream (4)(20-26)
5:00pm...Wethers Elite vs. SB Scholars (4)(33-35)
6:00pm...Trinity vs. Campus BB* (3)(21-34)
7:00pm...WC Dream vs. Eastvale Bulls (4)(43-29)

8:00pm...Trinity vs Eastvale Bulls (3)(44-11)

8:00am...1A(SB Scholars) vs. 2B(Trinity) (Game 1) (2)(24-37)
8:00am...1B(West Coach Dream) vs. 2A(Wethers Elite)(Game 2) (3)(46-28)

9:00am...RC Bulls vs Loser of Game 1(SB Scholars) (4)(27-30)

10:00am...Trinity vs. WC Coast (Championship) (4)(37-32)

12:00pm...RC Bulls vs. Loser of Game 2(Wethers Elite) (4)(33-35)

6th Grade Boys
Cyclone BB
Montclair Bullets
SoCal Rebels*
Anaheim Regulators*


9:00am...Cyclone BB vs. SoCal Rebels* (1)(39-30)
9:00am...Anaheim Regulators vs. Montclair Bullets (3)(45-28)
11:00am...Cyclone BB vs. Anaheim Regulators (3)(46-50)
11:00am...SoCal Rebels* vs. Montclair Bullets (4)(50-31)
2:00pm...Cyclone BB vs. Montclair Bullets (3)(45-36)
4:00pm...Anahiem Regulators vs. Winner 2pm game(Cyclones) (Championship) (2)
7th Grade Boys
Pool A
South Bay Scholars
Balboa Elite
Santa Ana Swoosh
Pool B
Cyclone BB
Rize Athletics
Swoosh Wolfpack
La Habra BB*

RC Bulls 12u*

10:00am...Cyclone BB vs. Swoosh Wolfpack (3)(39-33)
11:00am...Swoosh Wolfpack vs. Rize Athletics (1)(24-31)
1:00pm...Rize Athletics vs. Cyclone BB (4)(24-31)
2:00pm...Team X vs. SB Scholars (4)(0-15)
4:00pm...SB Scholars vs. SA Swoosh (1)(41-52)
6:00pm...SA Swoosh vs. Team X (SB Scholars (4)(51-14)

8:00am...3A(Team X SB Scholars ) vs RC Bulls (1)(23-83)

9:00am...1A(SA Swoosh) vs. 2B(Cyclone BB) (1)(51-25)
9:00am...1B(Rize Athletics) vs. 2A(SB Scholars)( (2)(14-43)
9:00am... La Habra BB* vs. 3B(Swoosh Wolfpack) (3)(37-16)
10:00am...La Habra BB* vs. RC Bulls (1)(30-44)
12:00pm...SA Swoosh vs. SB Scholars (Championship) (3)(50-54)
8th Grade Boys
Lightning Bolts
RC Bulls 13u
11:00am...Showtime vs. Lightning Bolts (2)(47-37)
1:00pm...Lightning Bolts vs. Wolfpack (1)(24-45)
2:00pm...Wolfpack vs. Showtime (1)(52-38)

11:00am...RC Bulls vs Team X(SA Swoosh) (4)(57-15)

1:00pm...Showtime vs. RC Bulls (3)(32-54)
High School Boys Frosh
Wethers Elite
OC Rebels
10:00am...Showtime 15 vs. AAYB (2)(23-46)
1:00pm...Wethers Elite vs. Showtime 15 (2)(24-44)
3:00pm...AAYB vs. Wethers Elite (2)(65-25)
12:00pm...Showtime 15 vs. OC Rebels (2)(51-41)
3:00pm...Wethers Elite vs. OC Rebels (3)
High School Boys 
Pool A
Las Vegas Gamers
East County Sun
South Bay Scholars
Pool B
Showtime 17
Wethers Elite
Rize Athletics
Santa Ana Swoosh
9:00am...LV Gamers vs. Ballerz (2)(40-42)
12:00pm...LV Gamers vs. East County Sun (1)(37-39)
12:00pm...SB Scholars vs. Ballerz (2)(46-48)
2:00pm...East County Sun vs. SB Scholars (2)(34-46)
3:00pm...Showtime 17 vs. Wethers Elite (1)(56-53)
5:00pm...Showtime 17 vs. Rize Athletics (1)(50-51)
5:00pm...Santa Ana Swoosh vs. Wethers Elite (2)(32-69)
7:00pm...Rize Athletics vs. Santa Ana Swoosh (2)(56-25)
10:00am...LV Gamers vs. SB Scholars (2)(41-54)
11:00am...East County Sun vs. Ballerz (1)(42-44)
11:00am...Showtime 17 vs. Santa Ana Swoosh (2)(73-34)
11:00am...Rize Athletics vs. Wethers Elite (3)(48-47)
1:00pm...1A(Ballerz) vs. 2B(Showtime 17) (1)(38-58)
1:00pm...1B(Rize Athletics) vs. 2A(SC Scholars) (2)(43-48)
3:00pm...Showtime 17 vs. SB Scholars (Championship) (1)
6/7th Grade Girls
West Coach Dream
Santa Ana Lakers
Next Level Hoops*
OC Elite Tigers
YLB Swish
10:00am...Santa Ana Lakers vs. Next Level Hoops* (1)(25-28)
12:00pm...Santa Ana Lakers vs. OC ELite Tigers (3)(7-39)
12:00pm...YBL Swish vs. Next Level Hoops* (4)(29-31)
2:00pm...WC Dream vs. YBL Swish  (3)(39-41)
4:00pm...WC Dream vs. OC ELite Tigers (2)(4-51)
2:00pm...Santa Ana Lakers vs. YBL Swish (4)(23-18)
4:00pm...Santa Ana Lakers vs. WC Dream (3)
4:00pm...YBL Swish vs. OC Elite Tigers (4)
High School Girls JV
Las Vegas Gamers
West Coach Dream
Team X
6:00pm...LV Gamers vs. WC Dream (2)(37-29)
8:00pm...LV Gamers vs. Team X(Farrahs)(1)(26-46)
1:00pm...LV Gamers vs. Showtime (4)(38-16)

2:00pm...WC Drean vs Team X(Farrahs) (2)((10-28)

3:00pm...WC Dream vs. Showtime (4)
High School Girls
Farrahs Basketball Academy
Rize Athletics

Santa Ana Lakers*


5:00pm...Farrahs vs. OCR Red (3)(37-24)
6:00pm...Farrahs vs. Rize Athletics (1)(45-23)
8:00pm...OCR vs. Rize Athletics (2)(42-44)
12:00pm...Santa Ana Lakers vs Rize Athletics (1)(33-34)

2:00pm...Showtime vs. OCR Red(1)(50-36)

3:00pm...Farrahs vs Santa Ana Lakers(2)

4:00pm...Showtime vs Rize Athletics (1)